• Project information

    • Name: SpaceX- Go App
    • Owner: Bagirishya D. Rwema
    • Language: Dart/Flutter
    • Released: March, 14th 2022
    • License: BSL-1.0, GPL-3.0 licenses
    • Deployed on: GitHub Pages
    • Source-Code: is Public | here
    • Starred: 32X & Forked: 2X
    • Role: Full-Stack Developer

    The purpose of this project is to develop the ultimate SpaceX experience in a variety of platforms. A single experience, from a single codebase. From the start, SpaceX GO! has been developed to be light-weight, fast and easy to use. It takes all the data from the open-source r/SpaceX REST API, which can be found here.
    This project has been built using the Flutter framework, which allows to build an app for mobile, desktop & web, from a single codebase.