• Project information

    • Name: Math Matrix-App
    • Owner: Bagirishya D. Rwema
    • Language: Dart/Flutter
    • Released: Feb, 22nd 2022
    • Deployed on: GitHub Pages
    • License: AGPL-3.0 license
    • Hosted On: Play Store
    • Source-Code: is Public | here
    • Forked: 5X & Starred: 38X
    • Role: Full-Stack Developer

    Math Matrix is a Math Game I developed, that tries improvise your math skills in a fun way. Simple math games to learn, improve you math skills. This game is easy to play and target everyone from kids to adults. Every level is designed in a way to challenge your mind at every step.
    This game is divided in 3 main categories
    1)Math Puzzle: This category revolves around basic calculation like addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. Each game in this category includes simple calculation with different approach. So you're playing with numbers and signs while fighting with time.
    2)Memory Puzzle: This category focuses on not just calculation but to memorize numbers and signs before applying calculation to them. It tries to engage you in a way to solve this calculation with recalling numbers and signs in gradual manner.
    3)Train Your Brain: Train your Brain tries to enhance your logical thinking with keeping time in mind. There can single or multiple ways to reach your query but you need to find best possible ways to earn best score.